Blogging issues I have been prone to

Last weekend I endured a computer crash. At the very same time the Socialist Alliance Forums site I had been working on for over two weeks imploded taking all data with its demise.It was a major crash in the platform I was using -- Freeforums. It was reincarnated two days back -- but I have to redo the template and everyone has to sign back in.

Then in a fit of creative energy last night I was redoing all the Socialist Alliance locality blogs when I wiped the main site I had been showcasing-- Queensland's -- and couldn't access the core underpinning's of the Sydney locality blog! Some feed issue had snuck in.

Is this a conspiracy or what!

I am chastised and humbled by the power of the web to cause harm and foster foolishness. In a word: Backup! backup! Backup!

Of course what I had backed up off line disappeared when my computer crashed. That's my excuse -- I'm a victim!

But each disaster has its good side and it is always an excuse to LEAN or die --stay sunk or swim. That's my experience. I don't seek these painful episodes out but I sure learn quickly when they kick in. My knowledge and skills have to make a qualitative leap forward or my web presence collapses along with these sites.

Solve problems or die.

New blogging

So as part of this burgeoning context I'm redoing all my blogging and podcasting projects -- reformatting same and maybe abandoning a couple. You'll note below a new project -- KickBike : kickbiking journeys -- which will be a journal developed from & extending my musings here on dogscooters.

It's my way to monitor the sort of rehab program I've been constructing to save my life from some overbearing physical decline. Core elements being:
  1. Walking (which I've always done) with my ever faithful trekking poles
  2. Boxing and gym walkout -- I've got gym sessions every fortnight with a trainer/coach.
  3. Kickbiking -- presently on my dogscooter -- minus canine.
As for the podcasting: I have computer issues in way of editing audio because of the pc collapse...Nonetheless, I am teaming up with Warwick Fry's LatinRadical
to dedicate a better web audio presence for the wave of resistance and insurgency that now marks the continent of Latin America.

So as Holmes would say: The game's afoot...(or, at least, "aweb")

POSTSCRIPT(July 28th): Talking about renovations -- If you are viewing this blog on or about July 27th I've added some extraordinarily snazzy wallpaper background. Stunning but I fear it is overdone. too busy by far. What you reckon?Makes me feel I'm living on MySpace.But heh! I learnt the hacks involved and that's the main thing.