Water recycling -- the Life of Riley experience thus far

Here's' an image of which I am justly proud. It's a photograph of our water bill. Click on the image to take it in the detail.

It says that we at Maison Riley -- life residence thereof -- consumed 92.27% less water than the previous period!

We consumed 4 kilolitres over an 88 day period (which included into Summer) -- when the Brisbane average almost five times that. Our consumption is about 40 litres per day .

So it just shows you what you can do when you try! It was my little experiment as a protest against the penchant to project domestic water tanks as a drought 'solution'.

My point being that there is much more to be gained by economising on water use than by finding ways to capture more water.

Here in Brisbane water tank 'yards' are the new car yards -- as everyone is prevailed upon to tank up to catch the rain -- that is not falling!

It's absurd as a new industry rises up on a government subsidy.

So how was this massive reduction achieved?

Allowing for the prospect that the bill is wrong (and that may be the case but the ballpark figures would not be that very different) -- our success was based on the principal of not wasting a drop.
  • I collected water from the kitchen when I rinsed food items or cooked them without salt.
  • Since our kitchen hot water was slow to heat I boiled our hot water washing up needs in electric kettle.
  • We adopted the habit of only flushing the toilet when faeces was an issue.
  • I placed large bricks inside the toilet cistern to reduce its flush volume.
  • I introduced a water saving cylinder to capture water as it was being heated for a shower. See here for details.
The irony is that we have a plunge swimming pool (for my arthritis) and the most direct product of my activities was that I was forced to create a secondary use for water so I could recycle it. That's' how I learnt to respect my H2O. In the process I created this exciting pot plant garden which survives on what I can recycle from the house. In fact my garden is dependent on the ways and means i engineer to save water for recycling.