Water recycling shower by shower.

This may indeed seem obscure! But trust me, there is sense in this aquatic excursion.

To the left is a photograph of our shower recess here at home. It's all looks normal except for the tube in the corner.

Voila! My latest water saving/recycling device!

We've been doing it tough here in Brisbane as the long drought has massively reduced our water supplies. When recent rain hit and the water restrictions had kicked in -- the region had reduced its water consumption by one third over the same time for the year previous.

I have written here before about how much I am critical of the 'water tank solution' as well as the recycled sewerage option. -- preferring to deal with the issue on a personal DIY basis to see how far I could get in way of a solution.

I wrote before about saving kitchen water -- but it annoyed me no end that we also lost water while we singly waited for the shower water to heat up. We've got water saving flowerets but still the time it took for water to heat up on our hot water service was a few litres down the plug hole.

So I experimented with buckets and pans to collect this water inside the shower but most times this water was contaminated by soap or the catchment vessel was so large it got in the way of the ablutions.

But I had an old piece of recycled PVC pipe I had used as part of a home made gamelan set.[
Now there's a story -- me gamelan and wayang golek...!] It is, as you see, in dark brown -- with a plug in one end, resting in the corner of the shower. Because we have an extender hose -- that's' the loop at the top -- as the water goes from cold to hot we run the nozzle into the tube. So far, a standard flow for the time it takes to get the water hot on our gas hot water system (so it is fast & efficient) will fill the tube one third.

The tube needs some height for the sale of volume but also to ensure that there is less soapy water runoff into the barrel. By sheer coincidence I think this PVC pipe is about the right height and for portability the gauge is ideal too.

When the days' ablutions are finished -- I simply port the tube outside and water my potted plant garden

My next adventure in urban ecology i is going back to see if I can master the worm farm thing. I wasn't too successful last time. I'd like to have two bantams (as we used to -- four in fact)but I'm not allowed by the other half...so its a can of worms for me.

I say that because I think composting by the standard mix route is far too labor intensive. Better, I say, to sheet compost by throwing green matter as mulch directly onto the garden beds and around plants and tress.Bantams are handy because they stir that up & mix it -- but you see, I'm not allowed them.