Kickbike blogging for bettering me

In renovation mode I worked out that maybe people weren't intested in my physical journey as much as I was. You don;t want to get caught up in my no pain no gain syndrome or read on and on about my struggles with ill health? Do you?

I wanted to generate a diary you see of my project to rebuild Dave into a better somatic machine as I seem to be losing the fight.

So I've created yet another blog to house this workshop -- KickBike --which will be where it's at. Its focus will be on push scootering/kickbiking -- but in its way it will be a rehab/physiotherapy sort of blog designed to inspire and engage primarily

My theory is that I can aggregate a lot of material about such exercise regimes that aren't attended to so much. This post indicates where I'm coming from.

Its' an experiment and I'm the lab rat.