Ubuntu still rocks my world

I'm a touch over awed by a few ongoing web projects I'm committed to -- so I'm distracted.

Nonetheless I gotta touch base with y'all.

And todays' message is "UBUNTU"

I've logged my Ubuntu journey here before (check labels) but to bring you into sync:
  • Ubuntu is a Linux distro
  • It's totally free
  • And the latest release Feisty Fawn rocks.
My 16 y/o son bought himself a new pc arlier this year. Of course it came with Windows Vista. But this month he installed Ubuntu via the wonderful Wubi (see label) program option.

Now he cannot get enough of it. A gamer -- he got World of Warcraft operating using the apparently ever faithful WINE.

He walks around the house saying:"That Ubuntu is so great! I loooove it!"

Yep, that's his mantra.

So there's not much you can't do with Linux -- Ubuntu -- except run what I use: Sony's clunky Sonic Stage.

So I still have to access Windows somewhere along the way to do my audio editing from my mini disc player.

That aside...

That aside....

'Tis so amazing I reckon that you can get something so wonderful for free. Open source software is really the way to go for this planet and the fact that open sourcing doesn't play by the rules of capitalism is just stiff bickies.