More progress in Little Cuba --Permaculture in the shadow of the Golden Circle Cannery

I finally fixed up the camera so I won be taking so many washed out shots!

The front had been covered with a creeper which I chopped up with a spade on the soil surface, covered with wet newspaper and mulched with whatever I had around the place in way of litter.

I planted chili, cucumbers, zuchini and sweet potato on/in this (by cutting a hole though the newspaper)and will follow up with passionate to climb over the trees. I'll plant the passionfruits (esp banana passionfruit)when the weather is a little warmer --along with some horned melon(which I like to eat).

Note to self: Get some Pepino seeds.

My overall plan is forming as I proceed but my general concept is being frustrated by failure to advance the swimming pond project which is becoming in my mind very aquacultur-ish. But for the moment because of residue Chloramine, nothing worthy is living in the pond and any plant I put in, bleaches and dies.

The whole relationship of chloramine to bonding ammonia is a chemistry dullard's nightmare.

Next week I hope to build the chook tractor from old irrigation tubing, bamboo stakes and ties. And as soon as I obtain a few more old car tyres, I'll create the wormery using this New Zealand design (pictured-right)

After reviewing as many worm 'farm' designs I could find I think this is a brilliant conceptual put together.