Note to self: wakeup call

Two days ago my doctor pulled off my big toe nail as I have had a run of ingrown toenails for over 3 months now and the festering issue had s crippled me. These toes have been a issue now for over two years. I presumed it was residual gout.

It has also signalled that I have Type II diabetes or at least a case of Pre-diabetes(inasmuch as you want a softer sentence). My father had diabetes from the age of 40 and basically died of its complications thirty years later after neglect and the like caused him to be insulin dependent with daily injections.

So here at my end I gotta do some changes and the dietary thing is a big part of it while I up my exercising and the like.

The tragic irony is that I've been ill enough for over 20 years and I don't need this pathological visitor at all. Similarly despite all the consideration I've put into diet and exercise over all that time it has not been enough to improve my general health or starve off the onset of diabetes.

There is a lifestyle conundrum that I was prone to wear and I guess if I had my options I'd redo some of the approaches I've employed in the past.

But it's no use crying over spilt ...insulin.

My exercise and get real real healthy regime is logged elsewhere at my KickBike blog