Chook Life

It's time for my monthly vegetable update. And in the accompanying slideshow we here celebrate the inclusion of a freshly laid chook tractor.

And with the importation of two bantams -- laying age. Both Wyandotte
WYANDOTTE - Developed in North America from may other breeds, its name is derived from the American Indian tribe, Wy-an-dot.
So the 'system' --such as it is -- is coming together in an integrated way as chook poo is all the rage when one goes Permacultural like.

The best thing about the garden so far are the tomatoes and the salad greens. (I'll review the plantings at a later time....)

Also of interest is the fact that my worm farm is also a maggot farm. Thats' not my plan of course but I am growing maggots in my wormery. These can be captured by hand or by soaking bread in milk and leaving it inside the wormery on a saucer. When one has a surfeit of maggots one feeds the wrigglers to the chooks with as much sadistic glee as one can muster...

Liming the worm farm will also reduce maggots but I haven't got rid of them yet (and besides I get so much pleasure out of watching the chooks slaughter maggots that I'd miss the feeding ritual if I without the fly larvae)