My other projects...

It's getting harder to find excuses to post here as I've been much downtrodden by the Summer solstice bout of ill health.

I reckon I need to simply sign off on most of January, February and March each year and go some where and sit out the health issues that every year bear down upon me.

I tend as a compensation to get caught up in the sedentary prospects offered by web activities as they are within my gambit when little else is for a good part of this period.

To some degree you lose it and it isn't a time to make decisions.

Now, touch keyboard, I'm through the worst of it. The coincidence of Summer and the end of the drought here has not been kind to me.

So elsewhere there is motion fro me on the web, but LOR here has fallen behind as it is more intimate than these other places.

But if you want to catch up with the remake check out my TiddlyWiki.

The irony is that despite how desperately handicapped I've been I've clocked up more "steps" during March than anytime before.
This logs the sort of determination I've been working on and the amount of exercise I've been investing to try to hold my physical deterioration at bay.

To do that a lot of effort is involved. so in effect I've had to approach athletic training mode. Thats' the level of my present desperation. Peking or bust!

But check out the TiddlyWiki and my other web projects -- I may be sedentary but they're moving.

NOTE TO SELF: Don't plan anything --I mean anything! -- between January and April each and every year.