My project blog

I got it together now. I know what should happen here. What with one blogging exercise and the other I was losing the impetus to post here, preferring instead to invest my energies ( such as they are) in my 'other' blogs (I have a hand in 33 blogs at present).

But since I'm very much into video mode I need a quiet corner to get into video recording so as to take notes and log my efforts.

So with the Permaculture garden (going nicely thank you); the pond(now watering the aforementioned garden); my exercise/ boxing regime ( still at it); my kickbiking (I kick hither and yon with abandon); my podcasting ( still pumping it out); my web consulting and blog design; my online political web projects... with all these endeavours tagged and reported on here, I reckon I need a quiet web niche where I can be myself.

So we'll be exploring video here for a time. Keep coming back and checking out the TV station below.