Tools:Tooling which way the VirtualDubbing way

If you don't know the real fun with video is the editing thereof.Once you move up a notch and edit with a video camera rather than a digital one -- same thing but different -- and work out how to get these very large files into your computer... you want to edit you moving pictures.

You'd start with Movie Maker perhaps because that's what comes packaged with Windows for free -- well as free as Windoes is 'free'. And that may be all there is to it, according to the DIY I've had a hand in making -- The Activist's Toolkit (on Creating Internet TV).

But, like steak knives, there's more!

So I've fiddled with a few other editing programs and am now trying to supplement my Movie Maker moments with VirtualDub.

Depending on your POV, these other platforms disappoint me because with VirtualDub I can slice and dice within a fraction of a video file's life. These others are like all thumbs. Most programs will also crash your computer because they love a lot of the RAM (..Random Action Movie?) thingy.

So I likes ta edit. (And edit without having to upgrade my POC's capacity to Randomly Access its many Memories.). I got my self a portable hard drive -- but RAM is just a headache.

Then after making all these videos -- some what? half dozen? -- I reckon I know what I like and I'm dropping out of the bells and whistles market and settling on: edit + titles +sound.

Keep it simple.

All I have to do is learn to master VirtualDub and hone up my skills. The plan being to:
  • Capture my video to VirtualDub ("Capture" is a video makers' term for grabbing stuff from cameras. -- That I know)
  • Slice and dice it in VirtualDub. Maybe add some audio edit there too
  • Add titles and the rest in Movie Maker...
  • ..and publish. There is a complication according to BlipTV and the videographer community and that is you really need to process up through Apple Quick Time Pro (which means you pay for it) to make you videos more web friendly. I'm thinking for the moment that there may be a work around.
We'll get though this one video at a time...

And I wanted to do so much more with the video of my face but Pinnacle Studio wasn't making much with the magic as it was slowed down for want of more RAM. So I solve these issues in my own way you see....