Video:DogTown II

Nugget and Jasper go to Doggy World to sniff butts, get wet and chase things.

This is a sequel to DogTown #I (which happens to be the first video I shot) which caught the late and greatly missed Millie on a day out indulging in dogginess.

The new boy, Jasper -- a stray liberated from the city dog pound only three short weeks ago -- is here caught up in doggy doings along the Shultz's Canal waterway at Nudgee Beach.

DogTown II is an experiment in using the h.264 video codec. If that's sounds esoteric and geeky -- it is. The h.264 is supposed to give your more vid quality for less file size.

Nugget is a Jack Russel Terrier, and Jasper is a Mini Fox Terrier Cross .

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)