Hand Hardware-- a rig for shooting video and recording audio at the same time

I've been experimenting with ways to carry my shooting rig around with me so that I can also hook it up to a recorder. I also wanted to run a microphone to the MiniDV camera -- a Canon MD 120.

Since I had a HiMD recorder-- Sony MD Walkman MZ NH 700 -- with plug in power microphones to go with it I wanted to integrate the two systems.

I also had learnt that if I'm on an "assignment" I needed to record much more audio than I'd video. I wanted a system which would enable me to keep the audio recording running while I selectively shot video . I also wanted better audio quality than the inbuilt microphone that came with the camera.

And since I podcast audio and videoblog in effect I wanted to get the best out of two separate mediums.

I had previously hung all this rig from bags and pouches on my person and it proved very cumbersome and hard to monitor and manipulate -- such as turning either device on or off. But I had been using the Ultrapod monopod for some time and loved it. The Ultrapod is a small, lightweight, folding camera tripod with adjustable ball & socket head and Velcro securing strap.

I like using the Ultrapod because:
  1. It supports my forearm and I can lock my upper body in a stable shooting platform with the arm supported vertically.
  2. When I'm not shooting (or recording) I can walk with my arm hanging free and the setup remains comfortably attached, ready to be hoisted up on cue, pointed and activated.
(I've also been using small camera tripods to support my microphones.)

So with a bit more Velcro strapping, I combined the lot-- Voila!

By rights -- and I've yet to confirm this -- the audio that runs from the HiMD should also be automatically gained before it is taken in as audio on the video as I run the HiMD audio out into the microphone in for the Video camera.

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