Maskmaking with Dave Riley

A few years back I was a professional maskmaker -- as well as Punch and Judy Professor.  With that hat on, I'd not only design and make masks  to order -- and sell them on the internet -- but ran many workshops on mask and puppet making  in schools and communities.

I  was also active in Artrageous Community Arts Centre.

In that mode, we made this Do it yourself video on m my maskmaking techniques. This video  wasn't widely distributed because I soon after had a major relapse of my Fibromyalgia symptoms and bombed out of the creative arts business. It was a bummer.(Welcome to my life)

This is a pity because, if I may say so myself, the video is  very good -- very comprehensive and descriptive and describes a unique method of maskmaking that I developed. The quality of the video  is good too -- except for the  ambient sounds --done by David Jackson.

Since I had  recently become re-inpired and was researching  papier mache techniques, I thought I'd add my own contribution to creative  ways and  meas arther than l just let the video sit in my drawer.
Formats available: Windows Media (.wmv)